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 another good day

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Posts : 853
Join date : 2008-11-10
Location : AZ

PostSubject: another good day   Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:52 pm

Today my wife & I were going to Tombstone again to try a new coffee shop out. For some reason my speedo was bouncing around and you could hear the cable clicking. The cable is not that old, but I got a non genuine Chinese import from a local parts store.
Anyway I pulled over to see if it would sort itself out, and take off again. No luck it’s still bouncing around and making noise.
We decided to proceed as normal as it’s not going to hurt anything and we were clicking along a fair old pace as it was early yet.
A corvette was behind us with the roof off, heading the same way, it was a pretty color of red and he got closer and closer. He decided to pass us which is cool, but it was the look on his gray haired wrinkly face and his trying to look cool when he grabbed for the lower gears and grinned.
At first I was content to continue on at our pace, but then looked over to my wife and said “hell no”!!
We caught him up in no time, and you could see he was bothered as his mirrors were full of Fairmont so he went for it, maybe thinking he would beat us on the hills and curves because he has a corvette, well my old girl has pretty long legs since we put the 2.26 rear end back in, perhaps he lost his nerve, I don’t know, but I had a feeling he was going to “brake check” me so I shut it down a couple of notches, to let him get some distance between us, and then caught him up again, it felt good to let him know this heap of shite can if nothing else, be a pain in his backside.
Now I have no doubt whatsoever he could clean my clock under different circumstances, but a little fun was all it was meant to be.
when we got to tombstone to the coffee shop, all the angled parking was taken up by other customers (all the old folks like us prefer to get there early) so the only place available was the strip along the road in front of the stop sign, and the road has a slight downward pitch, which makes the car look cool.
This was a good day for a change, and we needed some excitement and relief as we are to get the results from my wife’s PET scan, which will be a determining factor as to the fate of the car.
For some time it just sat idle, as I lost interest in it, but we have been burning gasoline on Sundays recently, we go to Tombstone, Benson Douglas or Bisbee or Sierra Vista.
I haven’t started to rebuild the 4.6 yet, which would be a good project cost wise, crank grind , 2x rods, bearing sets, gaskets and a computer, and an automatic trans, but if all goes well, that is my intention.
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Posts : 225
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Location : Altoona, PA, USA

PostSubject: Re: another good day   Fri Sep 23, 2011 3:57 am

It would be the foolish Corvette owner who brake checks a Fairmont. Or, a Corvette owner who doesn't like his Corvette, maybe.

I do love the way people get all freaked out when a Fairmont is all up in their stuff. I had a guy with a superbike pull over for me once. He was fast enough in the straights, but I kept catching him up in the corners. Last weekend, the wife and I were out for a backroads romp, and we passed a Jeep Cherokee. Well, our route took us around the long way on a particular section, and we caught up to the same Jeep a short time later. He just pulled over.

It's good to hear you're out having fun with your car, and I hope that all turns out well with your wife's health.
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Posts : 404
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Age : 46
Location : Minnesota

PostSubject: Re: another good day   Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:41 pm

Thats a great story.
I too had a run in with an '05 or '0....something vette, Ipulled up to a light next to this Vette. He looks at me and my car as it happens to be the first day out with my Futura after 7 years of building and wanting this very day. Of course he revs his car a few times....light changes and with out dinking around I nailed the gas and smoked him off the line with tires a spinning and held him off to the next light.
He slumped in his seat and turned !

Now, after a year.....I get more people wanting to mess with my '05 v6 Mustang then my Futura....crazy.
A week a go I had a Viper...yes a Viper wanting to race on the freeway....I was thinking...really !! Too funny.
I guess the lop of the engine and the casual rocking side to side of the Futura at street lights must scare the racers off. Rolling Eyes
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Posts : 853
Join date : 2008-11-10
Location : AZ

PostSubject: Re: another good day   Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:26 am

thanx Aug, we got a good result, she just has to go thru a 5 wk course of low dose radiation to the brain as a preventative measure. apparently chemo doesnt reach the brain!?

it has been great to get out and burn a little gasoline and see some sights. the work/store/home routine gets old quickly, but you do what you gotta do.

now that we are cautiously optimistic, i'm hoping to scrape up enough wedge for a little trip somewhere nice. i have no known issues with reliability so i suspect another arguement is on the horizon!

for the rest of you guys, dont be scared, let the the fairmonts sing, 4/6/or 8 cylinder,(not many cars offered that option) they are pretty rare in a sense, and if nothing else, you can be guaranteed there aint one on every corner, and i havent seen one "clone" Yet.
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PostSubject: Re: another good day   

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another good day
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