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 expedition engine in my fairmont

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PostSubject: expedition engine in my fairmont   Fri Dec 31, 2010 12:37 am

hello guys, i want put an expedition engine 5.4l 2v 1999 in my fairmont, its this possible to fits in the engine compartment? needs some modifications?
the transmission can be remplaced by any v8 engine?
actually my car works with the 2.3l engine

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PostSubject: Re: expedition engine in my fairmont   Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:25 pm

Of course you can stuff a 99 expedition truck motor into a Fairmont if you want to , although you may have some issues with hood clearance issue with that tall truck intake system . That would be the least of your worries.
Some other concerns you may want to research are the following;
the truck emission pipes and fittings are different and may not fit against the firewall.
Youll need to lose the brake booster and go with the hydro boost system or you’ll have clearance issues.
k-member or motor mount adaptors- best to choose the replacement k-member
Engine/powertrain/emission management and location of the computer
If you use the stock computer, you’ll need to make allowance for the pats system
Auto manual/transmission
Speedo, this may be overcome if you can fit a cable drive into the transmission, providing there is a drive gear available or you’ll have to go with an electronic speedo head.
Drive shaft
Differential, that 7.5 inch that comes with the fairmonts are made of glass and chocolate, trust me on this one, they can’t take the strain
Transmission cross member mounting
Fuel injection or carb, that’s right carb manifolds are available for the 4.6, so it may fit the 5.4 truck heads, check it out in jegs
Oil pan modification to fit the fox cross member
Oil filter location- some stick out at a 90 degree to the block near the power steering pump, some are located at the rear of the engine near the bell housing and some are remote through a cooler
Fuel delivery and return system
Exhaust mods may need to be performed for steering shaft clearance
Shifting auto/manual floor column etc
Those 10 inch brakes gotta go
Suspension upgrades, if you upgrade the suspension, now is the time to go to a 5 lug conversion
Cooling system –the 4.6 radiator with the fan from the mustangs will fit, so will the 3.8, they both have the same 2 core style of radiators, although both are different.
How about the air conditioning?
There’s loads of other issues to contend with, but you’ll find them as you go along.
There is a guy named Sanchez in California who stuffed a 4.6 into a mustang, he used a 4.6 k-member and stuffed the whole dam thing in from underneath, I may still have the copy of the magazine for help. This would be good way to do it, this guy is on fire when it comes to the fox mustang.
My question to you is why you would want an expedition motor in a Fairmont when you could have a complete mustang powertrain. All you will have is ass-ache, trying to find parts one piece at a time and it will nickel & dime you to death.
When the new mustang 4.6 with variable valve timing came out, I had already began researching the wiring etc for swapping this engine into the car. The goal was to find an ass ended or t-boned insurance write-off, as the fuel cell should not be damaged as it will be required in whole or in part to keep the check eng light off. Yeah you can get a specially built pcm from a programmer, but that’s the easy way out, since I haven’t done this mod yet, it may be the only way, I don’t know. It looks hairy at first, but seems to be a great challenge. This mod would have incorporated the pcm, smart junction box ,under hood fuse box all emission equipment, exhaust and instrument cluster. You gotta use the new cluster for a a few reasons, gauges pats, speedo and emissions being the most apparent.i have a fox body mustang dash in mine, so I think I can fit this cluster into, although I haven’t measured it out yet. I failed to measure the transmission fit to the firewall, but my buddy seems to think there will be plenty of room. The actual wiring looks pretty easy for the cluster, and I really would like to have traction control, although it looks like a beast to fit. It would have used a 2000 k-member or a tubular k-member, whichever was best for the car. We chose the tubular k member for the mustang as it would give more room and is lighter.i have no idea if any of the front suspension items would trannfer from the 05 & up mustangs, the diff is a no go straight out of the box due to the way its set up on the newer cars, althoughif determined, you may be able to fit it in there, and it would be nice to had the panhard rod. Obviously the rear torque boxes and the chassis will need a bit of strengthening.
When the 5.0 mustang first came out, I told my wife this is what I want! This thing is wild!!! Before she got lung cancer we were already involved in research to fit a new 5.0 coyote engine drivetrain into the Fairmont.
Now the car just sits, I’ve lost interest in it. I don’t need to spend any time or money on it now; in fact I need to pull my finger out and sell it.

The boneyards are still having a field day with the later 4.6, but now the price may drop when the 5.0 is in demand. The idea is to contact the insurance companies direct and do some price shopping for the complete car, this way everything you need is at hand.
Next opportunity you have, look at the newer mustang motors, and how everything fits under the hood, it is really pretty tidy, wouldn’t you say?
Maybe you could find a complete crown vic, town car or mustang and save some time & money. I don’t want to discourage you from doing an engine swap, but I really don’t want you to start something that is not cost effective, or renders another Fairmont to the scrap heap because you get fed-up and don’t finish it.
I love to do mods ,whether it’s a stereo, wheels, suspension, bigger alternator, bigger motor, or whatever, and as soon as someone say’s it can’t be done, that just gives me more determination to prove otherwise, I would like to wish you all the luck in the world with you project, and loads of enjoyment in cruising it around. Just NEVER sacrifice fun for safety.
Sorry this is so long, but this is the first time I’ve been on the net for a while, and I found this particular issue interesting, GO FOR IT!
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expedition engine in my fairmont
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