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 Update on the 4 door.

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PostSubject: Update on the 4 door.   Tue Nov 03, 2009 4:19 pm

Before you read, remember I'm a broke ass 20 year old, so don't be to judgmental Wink, I am doing everything except the wiring and engine shit myself, I will be doing those, my Dads just helping. The only things that someone else has done will be narrowing the rear end and fly cutting the pistons.

Well, I have been doing lots and lots of metal work on the 79 4 door. Also stripping everything I can and drilling holes in everything I can Cool I have finished the SFC's and am currently welding up all of the holes in the engine bay.

Once I get a job, I will be getting a cage(12 point) and making some panels to cover where the rear seat used to be, welding in torque box reinforcements(battle boxes if you are wondering) as well as making seat mounts. I am currently waiting on my rear end to come back from getting narrowed, and I have also ordered some Strange 33 spline axles and a spool that I will be picking up at the same time. Then I need to weld the plates on from the South side bars, and get some adjustable uppers with heim joints. Once all of that craps done I will be putting my cam and heads on my 302 along with new bearings and rings. Then I can freakin drive it again.... LOL

I am just welding for now, once the engine is out I will grind all of the welds and then do alittle filler and then paint it all tan(body color)

I cut one coil off of the front springs, and wire wheeled and painted them, I will be getting coilovers and camber plates when money allows but I am going to be in collage in Jan so for now I just wanted to lower the front a tad.

Hood scoop, its an older pic but it still looks like this, just more sanded... I know some may not like the scoop, but I will need one once I get the 351 together and I wanted a glass hood as well, and my Dad had a mold for a T-bolt scoop in the basement. So my Dad and I are going to be making a mold of this hood and then making a glass hood from the mold. I like how it looks, but we'll have to see once I roll her outside.

My 8.8 all cleaned up going to the chassis shop. Hurry up Tex!! lol

I think someone here was asking me if I planned to go all the way into the T-boxes when I mentioned I was doing 2x3 SFC's. I hope you can tell in this pic that I did. Wink All I did differently was pie cut the bar to get it to fit into the front and the rear subframes, then welded it back up. You can see the weld right at the front of the T-box. I dont know why I didnt clean it up before taking the pic... The piece of metal in the background(Looks like c-channel) is a piece of the 2x3 I cut to give myself a good welding point for the cage, I welded it onto the SFC as well as the torque box, with it ending up being at the same hight as the floor. I will be bring a bar from the main hoop to this piece of metal. Hopefully tieing everything in together.

The front of the SFC's, I fixed that hole too, It also was right at the pivot for the parking brake, so I lost more weight in the process Very Happy.

SFC's all done, I know half of my floor is flact black and the other is gloss lol Cool I will be painting the whole thing once I am all done with the cage and seat.

Anyways, thanks for looking, sorry it was so long LOL, hopefully I will have some more updates soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Update on the 4 door.   Tue Nov 03, 2009 6:57 pm

For a broke ass 20 year old you're getting it done! Awesome work. I am envious!

Please keep posting. This is going to be a seriously nice car.

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PostSubject: Re: Update on the 4 door.   Wed Nov 04, 2009 5:29 pm


I am thinking of doing 2x3s through the floor this winter, and I'd like to see how you did stuff, and what you ended up with. I was thinking that I would need to use some 2x2 in the footwell area, and pie cut the front of the 2x3 to make it square on the end. The transition would be in the area of the seat support member. I'd love to see what you ended up with underneath and whatnot.

Please, take many, many more pics with lots of light and from many, many angles.

By the way, nice work.

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Posts : 276
Join date : 2008-11-08
Age : 28

PostSubject: Re: Update on the 4 door.   Wed Nov 04, 2009 7:09 pm

Thanks guys Very Happy

Aug, I have some more pics I will post up later, nothing from underneath yet, I have to clean up some gnarly lookin welds first lol. I didnt pie cut them atall, I just cut the bottom out of the front subframe, and welded it to the top of the subframe, as well as the bottom. I also boxed in the ends of course. It sticks out about 1/2" below the sub frame. I am not concerned about ground clearance, I would rather bottom out on these then my exhaust, or oil pan.

BTW although it is going to be raced, has a spool, and has no heater I am still going to drive it on the street, not daily driven, but on weekends and shit. I am going to tint the rear door windows and rear windows very dark, and the front doors not quite as dark, just so you cant see the cage unless your looking Wink. Its also staying tan.
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PostSubject: Re: Update on the 4 door.   

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Update on the 4 door.
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